banke bihari temple


Color Flow

Holi is a world-renowned annual festival in India, taking place during full moon of the month of Phalguna (February/March). Holi (the festival of colors) is one of the oldest festivals of India during which people throw color pigments at each other. It is a sign for the beginning of spring but also symbolizes falling boundaries between caste, gender, age, and social status.

In my series „Holi“, the figures mix in movement, the colors and individuals emerging from the crowd blend into motionless structures. Due to time exposure, people appear as paintbrushes, their hair like bristles that have been immersed into different paint pots. The colors flow through the alleys and the crowd becomes an abstract form that imprints into the landscape. It is like abstract painting using photography, the background being the canvas and the movement of the individual becoming a random brushstroke. Abstraction lies in the air.

In many of my photographs, you can find distinct figures, people who stand motionless and devoutly in the midst of a crowd while the others scurry around. In my works, the movement of the crowd turns into an abstract object and immovable figures find their static presence in the stream of people. I steadily search for myself among these static figures as if trying to portray myself with that.