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OPENING: 21 January 2012
EXHIBITION: 22 January 2012 – 10 February 2012
LOCATION: SAVVY Contemporary – Richardstraße 43/44, 12055 Berlin

Raha Rastifard (DE-IR) / Michael Zheng (CN-USA) / Veronika Witte (DE) / Jovana Popic (CRO-SER) / André Wagner (DE)

Curated by Nicole Loeser/WHITECONCEPTS

For SAVVY Contemporary´s first exhibition in 2012, Nicole Löser has invited artists to work on the issue of spirituality and inspiration. The choice of artists is based on SAVVY Contemporary´s aim to research and explore the borders between “Western art” and “non-Western art” and to attract the perspective towards the “other”. THE UNIVERSE IS BUILT ON A PLAN … examines the inspirational influence on artistic creation, which is caused by encounter and experience in foreign cultures.

The idea of juxtaposing one’s self with the spirituality of another person has been an instrument used by Raha Rastifard (*1975). The Iranian, Berlin based, artist looks at history through her own desires. The series ‘I and…’ shows the artist melting her personality together with another person’s spirituality . With people who inspired her, no matter where they come from, she presents a moment between the past and the present.

Michael Zheng’s (*1966) is a San Francisco based, Chinese born artist, whose work is inspired by the Eastern and Western cultures. Surprised that the people of the Western world are seemingly more into the concepts of meditation and yoga practices of the Eastern world, the artist questions the spiritual constitution that will guide us in the future. On July 27, 2004, the artist made a performance at the Geographical Center of Europe in Lithuania. Standing between the two official monuments that mark the Center(s) of Europe, he whistled out the phrase “CENTER OF EUROPE” repetitively in Morse Code. As part of the piece, this event was broadcast on the Lithuanian National Public TV Nightly news.

Veronika Witte (*1962), who was born in Germany and lived in Paris/France creates a reflexive place, which shows identity as a complex construct. A central focus in all of her works consists of the role our bodies play in our present society and as a resource for future creation. Veronika Witte is interested in the limits of the body, in the ending of its given ‚fatality’ and in the desire to reinvent oneself over and over again. Originating in classical sculpture, Veronika Witte works on an enlarged „portrait concept“, which she pursues in a multi-disciplined scheme, thereby creating a space where art, theatre and science meet and referring to subjects like identity construction or new developments influencing our „social body“. In PHU QUOC, a 1-canal-videoinstallation on 30 kg rice, she invents questionnaires, interviews and surveys. During her residency last year in Vietnam she asked inhabitants to draw their island.The video shows morphing drawings changing all-time to different shapes.

Jovana Popic (*1977) explores in addition to a specified location the transcendent level of existence. Even if unspoken thoughts often remain, the young artist dares to make the energy of a place visible. Extremely impressive in its facilities is the intimate interplay between material space and the fleeting acting work, which is composed of drawings, objects and phosphorescent polyester, videos or sound installations.
Jovana studied painting and multimedia at the University of Belgrade/RS and at the University of Fine Art in Belgrade. She was awarded the Meisterschüler Preis of udk 2011 and participated in 2003 at the Venice Biennale.

Trained as a photographer and interested in Hindu spirituality André Wagner (*1980) creates photos that are informed by social movements, architecture and especially nature. He photographs the natural movement of light producing a surrealistic effect of energy that when combined with the rotation of the earth, as André puts it “leads man to delve into the mystic knowledge down deep in his soul.” His unique gift is the sensual way of perceiving internal and external phenomena of a situation.
In 2011 his work was shown in several solo exhibitions in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the USA.

Curator: Nicole Loeser
Art Director: Dr. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung
Press Contact: Claudia Lamas Cornejo I
SAVVY Contemporary I Richardstr.43/44 I 12055 Berlin I